Long History of Sickle Cell Awareness

It's been a while.
I survived going to turn 45 on October 2nd this year.
Unfortunately I am still fighting deep depression.

I've been keeping busy I am making t-shirts on Amazon. Yeah Sickle Cell Awareness is always part of that so check out my shirts on amazon and support my art :). Click here to shop https://www.amazon.com/shop/nazaire73


  1. Mr. Nazaire:
    I am writing to let you know how much the sickle cell community appreciates your art here in Louisville, KY. I own a print o "Ten Refined" and I display it every chance I get. I work for with the Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana. I am a 25 year retired Army veteran and appreciative to the Army for the treatment they afforded my son. You are a special person and I would like for you to think about joining the Sickle Cell Association for our 20th Anniversary Party on Sept. 26, 2020. Think about it and let me know in the next few months. I would love to display your art.

    Jo Ann Orr
    Marketing/Fundraising Director
    Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana
    201 E. Jefferson St
    Louisville, KY 40202

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