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I am a verified slave to pa·tience, wishing to be free

noun 1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I want a real cure for Sickle Cell Disease. A cure takes work, Science, Math, and Education to have the ability to think clearly
and critically takes a lot of work. The wait is killing us off one by one... Warriors, we have a long proud history
of waiting with back cutting and scarring patience.

I am a verified slave to patience, wishing to be free.
- nazaire

CRISPR-cas9 DNA editing as a cure for Sickle Cell Disease

2016: It has been 19 Years since I painted this series and Sickle Cell is 106 years old.
This year I would like to focus my efforts on living life as a painter and using my Art to Fund a cure using CRISPR-cas9 DNA Editing.

I have launched a Patreon where Patrons can help me do just that. I wish to see CRISPR-cas9 used for SCD in the next 5 years.

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Posted by Hertz Nazaire on Saturday, March 12, 2016

#GIVElove2SickleCellChallenge / #Troll4LOVE

Warning! The following video contains, NSFW Language, angry black man who is tired of our pain being ignored while people celebrate silly stuff and call it 'LOVE'

please share for awareness
2016 = 19 Years

2015 Art of Nazaire - I have much more to say with my art

UPDATE: After my Valentine's Day Weekend frustrations on Youtube / Twitter to get busy famous people to care about Sickle Cell I failed.
So I am going to use my ART to Fund a cure using the Patreon I just launched above for CRISPR-cas9 research for Sickle Cell.
Delores at my local SCDAA works hard I would have loved to help but I just cannot my heart is focused on a cure for ALL who suffer not just some like the cure using BMT.
I hope to have the new series ready for September for the SCDAA convention sales of those works should go into the DNA editing research Fund. I need help become a Patron! Help me do it Myself. The Shine of FAME can blind people from doing good but I know this Pain help me end it. CLICK and Pledge $2.

Not much sales come from this shop - Hertz Nazaire is always in need of Art Supplies, like paint, brushes and canvas, you can help an Artist continue his work: Donate directly to Nazaire

Donations help fund my art and equipment to film awareness videos for my new project "LIFE + ART & SICKLE CELL"

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Interview in Hartford, CT for Sickle Cell

2013 41st SCDAA Conference - Champion Award recipient Hertz Nazaire with SCDAA National Child Ambassador, Tiahna Hughes and Lennette J. Benjamin, MD

Dec. 29 2013 Artist Interview with Kreyolicious

JAN-MAR 2014 Edition of SICKLE CELL NEWS (printed and published in Africa) featuring Interview with Hertz Nazaire scdjournal.com

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